Corporate bonds by AG CHEMI GROUP s.r.o.
with a annual interest rate of 6.8% p.a. and a prospectus approved by the ČNB

Invested 77 % (876 investors)
154 970 000 Kč 200 000 000 Kč
Interest paid: 5 155 038 Kč

Emission introduction

In the form of purchase NANO TECHNOLOGIE AG bonds, we would like inviting you to joint participation for financing the production of new chemical products for the Czech and international markets.

Nominal value: 10 000 Kč
Annual interest: 6.8 % p. a.
Interest payment: monthly
Subscription start: 15. 6. 2020
End of subscription: 5. 6. 2022 (za 4 měsíce)
Due date: 31. 5. 2024 (in 2.3 years)
Already 876 investors to date
earned 5 155 038 Kč in interest

How much do you want to invest?

pieces of bonds with interest 6.8 % p. a.
will provide you in 2.3 years:
Total net income:
0 Kč
There are monthly 0 Kč payments
Revenues are after 15% of tax reduction
Non-binding order

Our company

We are more than 25 years in the market

We are a Czech production and trading company AG CHEMI GROUP s.r.o., which has been engaged in the supply and processing of chemical raw materials since 1994.

During that time, we have established a significant number of business contacts with major enterprises operating in the chemical industry not only in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia, North and South America.

The high level and professionalism of the company is proved by ISO certificate, which is renewed every year.

In recent years, we have been actively expanding our activities and, in cooperation with research institutes and laboratories in Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, and Ukraine are developing solutions for the industry with a help of nanotechnologies.

Our subsidiary NANO CHEMI GROUP is a member of the Сzech Nanotechnology Industries Association, which brings together companies having as a key focus of the business - nanotechnology.

Our team

Ing. Igor Ševčenko


Mr. Shevchenko is constantly observing new opportunities for the company's development using his many years of experience in international trade, openness to new ideas and technologies along with unique abilities in finding new opportunities for the company's growth

Ing. Jan Koudelka

Chief Operating Officer

Jan manages the production processes of our products, participates in marketing and presentations of our group of companies. Due to his long-term business experience and language skills, he also takes care of business development and communication with our customers.

Ing. Lev Lyapeikov

Product Development Manager

Lev is engaged in product development from its initial stage. He identifies potential applications, conducts market research, generates product requirements, sets procedures of product development, fabrication, and launching.

D.Sc.Andrii Vasin

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

R&D – Search for solutions and new products creation

The decision on launcing a new product development starts with a constructive discussion with D.Sc. Andrii Vasin. His deep and practical knowledge of semiconductor physics, carbon nanocomposites and the ability to effectively implement nanomaterials in plastics, synthetic fibers, suspensions and emulsions, enable the practical realization of our ideas and customers requirements.

D.Sc. Vasin successfully graduated the Physical Faculty of Taras Shevchenko, department of physics of metals, Kyiv State University and received a Ph.D. and Doctor of Science (DSc.) in semiconductor physics at V.E. Lashkaryov Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Presently, he is a leading researcher at the Department of Functional Materials and Structures of Semiconductor Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

D.Sc. Andrii Vasin holds three patents of Ukraine and one international.

Alexander D. Pogrebnjak, Ph.D. / D.Sc

Sumy State University

R&D – Products implementation on a production scale

Within our team D.Sc Pogrbnjak takes care of the practical part of the new products implementation. His extensive experience in nanomaterials science and his understanding of nano-level structures contributes to obtain from our laboratory sample a real product for our projects in the field of nanostructuring resins, paints, plastics, rubber and metals.

D.Sc Pogrbnjak received his education, doctoral and scientific degrees in the field of solid state physics at the Tomsk National Polytechnic University. During his professional career since 1986, more than 65 state contracts and international grants, orders from ISTC (The International Science and Technology Center), CSTS (Center of Scientific Technical Services) have been realized in collaboration with researchers from Asia, North America and Europe.

Prof. Pogrebnjak A.D. is an author and co-author of more than 300 papers, has 72 patents (including 11 international), 2 books in Ukrainian, 8 books in Russian, 7 books and chapters in English, including 2 study guide books.

Marchenko Stanislav, Ph.D.

Sumy State University

R&D – Assembly of technological units, creation of industrial equipment

The creation and realization of completely new constructions and equipment is a professor Stanislav Marchenko scope of competence. Exceptional ability to find a way to create production equipment for products developed by our team in a fields of nanostructured plastics, resins, paints and coatings, synthetic fibers and rubbers allows us to move new development to the industrial scale use.

Ph.D Marchenko began his professional career in 1997 after receiving a higher technical education in mechanical engineering in the field of “Compressors, Pneumatic Units and Vacuum Technology” and postgraduate studies in “Materials Science” at Sumy State University.

Since 2014 he is head of the Laboratory of Applied Materials Science, Sumy State University.

Docent Marchenko has 6 patents of Ukraine

Our partners

Research area
Classical chemistry

Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj
Operační program Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost

Why invest with us

We are a perspective and fast-growing company

  • International research base and an expert team of professionals
  • Know-how and technologies

    Our developed technologies are in the process of patenting

  • Long-term and wide experience in the chemical industry

    We operate on the market for more than 25 years
    Extract from the business register

  • Perspective and profitability in the rapidly evolving field of nanotechnology

    The market of nanotechnology is at the beginning of its growth and increases by 10,5 % annually

  • Exclusively developed solution on a base of nanomaterials
  • Stable earnings over the next 3.6 years

    By investing 500 000 Kč
    the earnings will be 115 584 Kč

  • Direct communication with each investor throughout the project

    Continuous updates on the projects progress to our investors

  • Regular audit of the company

    The publication of our results will be available on our website.

  • All acquired properties, technologies and know-how solely belong to the company
  • How do we handle the funds raised?


Bonds are a conservative investment instrument that guarantees a stable income for the duration of the Bonds Issue.
Nevertheless, it is very important that Investors properly evaluate and understand the guarantees provided by the Issuer.

Equipment, facilities, technology, patents are fully owned by the company. All investments in R&D of new technologies and products already have been implemented and processed from our company’s own resources. Investments from the Bond Issue will be used to build up Research and Development Nano-Center and a manufacturing plant. All these Investments will also enter the Company’s real assets and together with other mentioned above assets ensure to Investors our solvency.

  • 1
    The company's equity - 12 mil. Kč
  • 2
    Receivables from sales of chemical raw materials kept in the amount of 40 mil. Kč

    Each receivable is assured by insurance company Credendo, thereby totaly secured.

  • 3

    Inventories of chemical products in stock and company assets are 33 mil. Kč

  • 4
    The Grand from the European Fund

    For the development of nanotechnologies we received a Grand in the amount of 17 mil. Kč.

How we use the funds obtained?

Technology patenting
Start of the production
Research Center
Construction of a plant
Production capacity increasing

Our solution

We own technologies of commonly used materials modification

All our solutions and products are created based on the specific requirements of our business partners and already successfully used in construction and automotive industries. The distribution of products is handled by the company from our concern NANO CHEMI GROUP s.r.o.

Modification of plastics

Nanostructuring of elastomers

Biocidal and virucidal materials

Nanostructuring of building materials

Nanostructuring of resins, paints and coatings

Nanostructuring of synthetic fibers

Even a low concentration of nanoadditive is enough to make large changes in the properties of the material

  • Synthetic fibers
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Nanotubes in PC
  • Nanosilver particles

Prospectus approved by the ČNB

In accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council

The ČNB does not assess the economic results or financial situation of the Bond Issuer and, by approving the Prospectus, does not guarantee the future profitability of the Bond Issuer or its ability to repay earning from bonds or the nominal value of the security.

By deciding on the approval of the securities prospectus, the ČNB only certifies that the approved Prospectus meets the standards regarding completeness, comprehensibility and coherence required by Regulation 2017/1129.

The ČNB’s approval of this document is not to be construed as confirmation of the Issuer or the quality of the Bonds, which are offered as securities or admitted to trading on a regulated market. The Investor should make its own assessment of the suitability of investing in the Bonds.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Bonds should make their investment decisions based on the information provided not only in this Prospectus but also on any Prospectus Supplements, in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards associated with the decision to invest in securities.

We and COVID-19

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 had a slight impact on the business of our company. In the ceramic, mining, and glass industries the production along with demand was decreased, while the orders for detergents, solvents, nanofibers, and disinfection are increasing. Which means decline from few areas was offset by expansion in the others.

Due to the pandemic situation the market prices for laboratory and production technologies decreased significantly. It gives us a chance to use this opportunity for the purchasing and construction of our research NANO center for which we received subsidies from EU funds in the amount of CZK 17,184,975 Kč.

Government measures to support affected companies by the Antivirus program has not applied to us. We did not draw any subsidies from the COVID program, nor any rent relief and other support from the state-guaranteed COVID programs.

Despite all the objectively negative effects of the “coronavirus period”, we retained all employees, warehouses, and relationships with our suppliers and, of course, duly paid interest to all investors on already purchased bonds. Our business is running according to plan and we are currently working on increasing our inventory and sales volume of chemicals for the production of detergents and solvents so that in case of further restrictions we will be able to fulfill obligations to our customers.


Bonus for our investors

As acknowledgements to our investors, we share a gift package with our products AG PROTECT.
We want to support the safety of you and your family at a time when we all are threatened by a virus.

Our products have been designed for the protection against viruses, including covid-19. We are trying to protect not only ourselves, our loved ones, employees, but also business partners. In our company, firstly, we believe in mutual help and support. We are convinced that together we will overcome all difficulties including this coronavirus situation. We are supporting retirement homes, orphanages and workers in facilities for people with addictions by donating of our disinfectants.

Variants according to the total investment


Vážený pane inženýre, moc děkujeme za milou pozornost, kterou jsme od Vás obdrželi. Pevně věříme, že se nám nejen v současné době, ale také v budoucnu, viry i bakterie budou vyhýbat. Ještě jednou děkujeme, R. a A. R.
paní R.R.z okresu Příbram, 53 let
Dobrý večer, vážený pane Koudelko. Děkuji Vám za informaci a jsem ráda, že spolupráce je tak, jak má být...v nejlepším pořádku. Příjemný večer, R.R.
pan J.O.z Plzně, 82 let
Dnes jsem byl mile překvapený, když jsem otevřel balíček vaší společnosti AG CHEMI GROUP s.r.o. Na aviso pošty jsem změnil místo dodání na pracoviště. Děkuji Týmu AG CHEMI GROUP/AG PROTECT za skutečně velice milý a potřebný materiál – mám z něj radost. Přejí vám šťastné prožívání současného chmurného klimatu se sluncem v duši na cestě ke slunečnému konci.
pan B.J.z okresu Sokolov , 72 let
Dobrý den pane Koudelka. Chtěl bych Vám poděkovat, za zaslání sady dezinfekčních prostředků! Ať se Vám daří, a ještě jednou díky. Váš investor B.J.
pan T. K.z Teplic, 60 let
Vážený pane Koudelka, právě jsem obdržel balík od Vaší firmy. V dnešní době člověk zažívá málo pozitivních překvapení. Toto je ovšem jedno z nich. Chtěl bych Vám moc poděkovat. Držím Vám a Vaší firmě palce a přeji mnoho dalších úspěchů. Pokud budu mít volné prostředky, ještě si nějaký dluhopis koupím zdravím a ještě jednou děkuji. T. K.
pan P.J.z Prahy, 58 let
Zdravím pane Koudelko a obdivuji vaši nepřetržitou pohotovost. Také děkuji za aktuální dárek, hodí se pro celou rodinu. Dále jsem překvapen první výplatou kuponu. Po tak dobré zkušenosti možná přesvědčím i syna k investici u AG. Pěkný den přeje P. J.
paní A.K.z Tachova, 61 let
Já děkuji za balíček s rouškami a desinfekcí, také dorazil v pořádku a docela mile překvapil stejně jako první úroky.:-) Jsem ráda, že jste solidní společnost. Všem pevné zdraví a úspěšný rok. A.K.
paní K.E.z Krnova, 55 let
Dobrý den, dnes jsem odeslala potvrzený Předávací protokol, taky chci poděkovat za příjemný a v této době tak potřebný dárek.Velmi mile mě to překvapilo. Děkuji a přeji Vám (a vlastně tím i sobě ????), ať se Vám daří a hlavně pevné zdraví. K.E.
pan J.S.z Mikulova, 60 let
Vážený pane Koudelko,  děkuji AG CHEMI GROUP s.r.o.  za velmi užitečný dar v podobě desinfekčních a ochranných pomůcek, zvláště v dnešní nelehké době. Vzhledem k tomu, že jsem obdržel  těchto prostředků  více než jsem předpokládal, tak tyto prostředky věnuji potřebnějším. Dnešního dne jsem si také vyzvedl doporučený dopis a obratem Vám zpět zasílám předávací protokol. Vřele budu společnost AG CHENI GROUP doporučovat svým známým a spolupracovníkům. Přeji společnosti mnoho pracovních úspěchů. S pozdravem J.S.

How much will you earn?

How much do you want to invest?

pieces of bonds with interest 6.8 % p. a.
will provide you in 2.3 years:
Total net income:
0 Kč
There are monthly 0 Kč payments
Revenues are after 15% of tax reduction
Invest 50 000 Kč
with a net yield in 2.3 years
6 748 Kč
241 Kč monthly
+ bonus for small investors
Invest 100 000 Kč
with a net yield in 2.3 years
13 496 Kč
482 Kč monthly
+ bonus for medium investors
Invest 300 000 Kč
with a net yield in 2.3 years
40 460 Kč
1 445 Kč monthly
+ bonus for big investors


How much do you want to invest?


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How will we proceed?

  1. 1 After processing your order, we will contact you to go through all the necessary information together
  1. 2 We will prepare and send to your email draft documents for your check-up
  1. 3 We will jointly sign the final documents and hand it over
  1. 4 After receiving your payment to our account, we will issue a bond certificate
  1. 5 We will finalize the process by sending a certificate and handover protocol to your address

Industry news

    What can nanotechnology do?

    From the OCSiAl laboratory
    Introduction to nanotechnologies


    If you have any questions regarding the bond issue, please feel free to contact us by phone, by email, or via the contact form. We will be happy to assist you with your questions and to provide the necessary information.

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